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Looking to save on your Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance?

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Baxter & Associates has teamed up with Oceanus Insurance Company to offer you quality Surgical/Physician Assistant malpractice coverage at an affordable price for Physician Assistants.

Our malpractice insurance program for Physician Assistants (PAs) is an exceptional value and offers you the following benefits:

  • Very low premiums
  • Convenient payment options with as little as 20% down.
  • EASY two page application
  • The policy is broad form and is non-assessable
  • There are no deductibles
  • Incident Claims Trigger
  • Defense costs are payable over and above policy limits
  • Coverage for Licensing or Professional Conduct Review expenses is included at no additional cost
  • $500 per day for loss of earnings or expenses by the insured in the investigation or defense of any claim or suit
  • Free Tail Coverage after you have been insured with Oceanus continually for three years

We also offer coverage through several other companies. We can find you the right coverage for your practice.

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